What is the best strategy for a successful admission in a university in the States?

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For us, starting to communicate with the student- athlete as early as possible is the best strategy.

    What does that mean? We believe that the perfect time for building a stable relationship with the student-athlete, which would grant us enough time for success is 10-11th grade. By that time, the idea of studying in the States has been discussed between the parents and the student- athlete, but the path of action is still unknown. It is the time when you can confidently spot a promising volleyball player and assess their academic performance.  Building a profile in this early stage allows the coaches to begin the recruiting process and follow the development of the athlete.

    The scholarship situation varies across different universities. Some have already spent their scholarships for a couple of seasons ahead, so they will look for international players that can join them after two or three years.

    The early communication with us, gives you a better chance at succeeding- building a profile early and having more time to prepare for SAT and TOEFL results in more offers from more universities. 

    Senior year of high school is also a good time to start, but the time for action will be shorter. Universities with full scholarships for next season have already started to look for new players.

The process of building a profile, taking the exams required and marketing the player, needs to take place in just a few months so there is enough time for choosing a good university and preparing all the required documentation for admission. 

What is a full athletic scholarship in the United States?

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  •  A fully paid tuition and fees during the process of getting a bachelor’s degree (lasting 4-5 years, depending on whether the student-athlete has used a medical redshirt year)
  •  A full set of brand new textbooks and all required school materials for each semester
  •  An option to choose between getting a free meal plan or receiving a check for the semester equivalent to cover your food expenses
  •  A free apartment in the campus dormitory or the monthly cash equivalent, if you want to live outside of the campus
  •  A free access to a professional academic advisor for getting assistance, regarding any questions about your weekly school schedul
  • Priority registration, giving athletes the right to compose the best school schedule that suits their time
  • Free tutoring services (in case you need some extra help with the school material)
  • Free access to all buildings on campus - libraries, gyms and spa centers
  •  Free access to the latest and most advanced tools for physiotherapy and recovery
  •  Free access to the services of world-class physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists and chiropractors
  •  A free health insurance and access to all medical centers on campus
  •  A safe and secure environment provided by campus police 

How much is a full scholarship in the States worth?

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A full scholarship, depending on the university and the state in which it is situated, varies between $20,000 and $70,000 per year. Usually, this means for the fall and spring semester, but there is always an option for summer classes if needed. In the span of four years until graduation, the amount reached is between $80,000 and $280,000, which covers all expenses related to education, food and accommodation. 

    If a full scholarship is not available at the moment, the coaches might decide to offer a partial scholarship, which is a percentage of a full scholarship e.g. 25%, 50%, 75%, while the rest is paid from the student- athlete. Even a smaller percentage, sets the table for future negotiations on better conditions. 

What does it mean to be a student-athlete?

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  • A world-class opportunity for development both academically and athletically
  •  Opportunity to create connections and friendships both in academic and sports environment
  •  Perfectly individually tailored schedule with classes and practices
  •  A life on campus with an easy access to all facilities
  •  Extracurricular activities
  •  A wide variety of restaurants and foods on campus
  •  Access to swimming pools, playing fields, stadiums, gyms and courts of all kinds of sport
  •  Game trips to different parts of the USA with different destinations every year
  •  Getting a better global perspective about all sorts of international issues
  •  Living in a diverse environment, providing the opportunity of interacting with people from all parts of the world
  •  A relaxed and well-organized environment for success
  •  Access to the services of some of the best experts and professors in all fields of study
  •  An opportunity for taking summer classes
  •  An opportunity for a part-time job on campus up to 20 hours weekly for international students
  •  An opportunity for a career after college 

What are the chances to transfer credits from a European university to a university in the US?

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       If the student have already studied at a university, there is good chance that he will be able to transfer credits for some courses. It is a good practice that allows the student to save a semester or entire year. All this depends on the institution. Some universitites require the approval from an official transcript evaluation agency. 

 What happens with your sports scholarship when you get injured?

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You are under the constant care of various professionals. The university has the obligation to help your full recovery. In the case of a long-term injury, you might choose to take a medical-redshirt year - you take the rest of the season off, so you can keep a full year of eligibility for after you have recovered. This way you keep your 4 full years of eligibility. 

    In a potentially career- ending long- term injury, the university has the right to cancel your scholarship. 

  Do you have the chance to complete a master`s program?

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Scholarships are valid until the completion of the bachelor`s degree. There is a possibility that the uiversity might keep paying for the tuition fees if the student finishes his bachelor`s degree in three years by taking classes in the summer and winter terms and completes his master` s degree in the following year. 
      If the athlete used his four years of eligibility some universities offer to hire them as  graduate assistant coaches and pay  for their tuition fees.

 Where will you live?

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Different universities offer different options for living. Usually international students live on campus together with all other athletes. It is the right decision to live on campus because all facilities are within walking distance and being around all other athletes creates fun environment. 
      Another option is to receive a particular amount of money for the semester which you can use to find a place to live outside the campus. International students usually try to avoid this, because then they need transportation and more time. 

 What are the chances of having a part-time job besides volleyball and school?

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      The opportunity for international students is to work up to 20 hours per week. During the first year, international students are not allowed to work outside of the university. Usually students find it hard to work, study and play volleyball at the same time, but during the off season semester there is plenty of time for some extra work. There is a possibility for internships in the field of study and some of them are paid. Coaches also create volleyball camps and need paid assistance.